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Bar and Grill

Outdoor Bar and Grill Contractors

Complete the finishing touches to your patio today with the addition of an outdoor bar or grill! Adding additional structures provides depth, points of interest, additional seating, and social areas for the ultimate in comfortable outdoor living areas. Create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams with Patio Bob! Make your backyard the place to be with a stylish new outdoor bar and grill. Our team of outdoor bar and grill contractors can design and install the outdoor bar and grill that you have always wanted. All at an affordable price.

Throughout the years, our contractors have built various outdoor kitchens in the area and have used many different materials in the process. So you can choose from various styles for your backyard living space and have the confidence in our team to do it right.

You can check out some great accessories for your outdoor living area,  including pizza ovens, firepits, Green eggs, and drop in ice coolers and drawers.

Our outdoor bar and grill contractors will work closely with you in order to design a complimentary layout that works with your existing patio or project plans to create the ultimate backyard oasis.   While consulting, we will devise a budget for the bar and grill and ensure that everything flows correctly with proper placement to allow for access, flow, seating alignment, and presentation.  Your ultimate approval is our goal, as we aim to bring you the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

Mount Olive, Morris County Contracting Team

RM Landscape Construction of Mount Olive has years of experience providing homeowners across Morris County, and New Jersey with the best contracting services in the area. Our outdoor bar and grill contractors will add a new element to your home. If you are thinking about adding an outside kitchen or an outdoor bar and grill, reach out to us today.

The number to call for a free estimate is 973-347-6667. We will answer any questions you may have about this particular service, as well as provide you with a free consultation. We look forward to providing  an outdoor living space to your home!